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Chairman PTI Imran Khan's statement on Karachi deaths

Chairman PTI Imran Khan today expressed grave concern over the deaths in Karachi due to the excessive heat and extensive loadshedding. He said the government had totally failed the people in Karachi where there is no water and no electricity. The situation in Karachi is one of chaos and lawlessness with no visible writ of the government visible. The people of Karachi have been effectively abandoned by the provincial and federal governments, both of whom have failed to provide the basic necessities of life to the people of the metropolis.
Khan said if Karachi is seeing a total helplessness in the face of unprecedented soaring temperatures and no water or electricity, the situation in the rural areas must be even more catastrophic. Khan expressed fears that in the far flung areas one would not even know the scale of the crisis in terms of lives lost due to heat, lack of water and loadshedding.
Chairman PTI said the state of affairs In the context of excessive loadshedding has reached crisis proportions across Pakistan. In Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, which produces more electricity than it needs and which it contributes to the national grid, the people of the province are suffering loadshedding for up to eighteen hours at a stretch including at Sehr and Iftar times.
Khan stated that it was abundantly clear the federal government had failed to even move towards resolving the electricity crisis across Pakistan. Even worse, it has failed to deliver on any of its hyped-up provinces about ending loadshedding in the country within months of coming to power. On the contrary, the energy crisis has become more acute since the PMLN formed the federal government.
Khan felt a responsible and people-sensitive government would have focused on providing electricity and water to people as well as ensuring measures to protect people from the soaring summer temperatures so lives would not be lost. Instead the present government has chosen to focus on expensive projects like metro buses while people have no water and no electricity. This shows a total lack of concern for the ordinary citizen. Khan demanded that those responsible for the present loadshedding crisis should be held accountable. He also demanded the government move to resolve the loadshedding and water issues on a war footing so that more precious lives are not lost.

Imran Khan expressed shock at the silence of Nawaz Sharif over the hate-filled speech of Altaf Hussa

PTI Chairman Imran Khan today expressed shock at the silence of PM Nawaz Sharif over the hate-filled speech of Altaf Hussain, Chief of MQM, effectively inciting his followers to carrying arms and indulging in violence. He said it was unfortunate that the PM was so busy rushing around showing concern for another country’s security when his own country was in flames, especially the financial metropolis of Karachi.

Khan stated that when the APC called for the National Action Plan against terrorism and specifically stated one of the aims being disarming all militant groups and wings, why was the government not acting against the militant wings of political parties like MQM? He said it was inexplicable that when a police officer SSP Rao Anwar points out to the dangerous activities of MQM including violence, instead of acting on the evidence, the officer is immediately removed. Worse still, a DSP, Fateh Mohammed, and other police personnel are murdered in a targeted attack the morning after Rao Anwar’s press conference and the government has maintained a bizarre silence. Why hasn’t action been taken on the evidence revealed by SSP Anwar yesterday? Instead of removing SSP Anwar the evidence and the warning provided should have been acted upon by the Sindh and federal governments. But the Sindh government in an act of sheer cowardice simply disowned the SSP.

Khan said it was shameful indeed how all media laws of PEMRA are allowed to be violated when a British citizen gives hate speeches to a captive audience in Karachi from London and incites them to violence against the state. Khan said the silence from the government following British citizen Altaf Hussain’s attack on the Pakistan Army is inexplicable as it is the job of the government to defend all state institutions. Why was the ISPR DG compelled to respond to UK citizen Altaf Hussain’s hysterical, but not new, outburst against the institution of the Pakistan Army? Why has the government not taken up this issue with the British government since it is against British laws for anyone, including its own citizens, to use British territory to incite hatred and violence in another country?

Khan said it was imperative that the National Action Plan be implemented against all militant groups and militant wings of political parties. It was also time the Prime Minister look to the country’s security and well being before rushing off to provide succour to other countries.

PTI all set for Karachi show today

KARACHI: Preparations are in their final stages as Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) hosts its first major rally on Sunday since it started a voracious campaign for the coveted NA-246 seat in the upcoming bye-election.

PTI expects a mega audience for the rally, which is being held at Karachi's Shahrah-e-Pakistan. The decision to hold the rally at the famous Jinnah ground in Azizabad was earlier cancelled by PTI owing to "administrative issues".

PTI's contender for the NA-246 constituency Imran Ismail is optimistic today's rally will be "record-breaking" but did not appear too happy with the city administration with regards to their cooperation for the rally's arrangement.

Ismail complained that the venue, which was to be handed over to PTI workers at 12 midnight was not handed over until 4 in the morning.

He also complained that while 50,000 chairs had been ordered to seat the large audience, only 25,000 were provided to PTI.

The Majlis-i-Wahdatul Muslimeen (MWM) announced prior to the PTI's rally that it will support PTI in the bye-election of April 23.

Making a mark through today's rally won't come easy for PTI for the bar was set high when Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) hosted thousands in a rally in the same neighbourhood just a day earlier.

MQM's rally had equal doses of theatrics and politics, with party chief Altaf Hussain making sure no audience member left the venue without being thoroughly entertained.

PTI chief Imran Khan, who visited Karachi few days earlier, had hinted that their public meeting could not be held in the Jinnah Ground as he felt it was not large enough to accommodate “hundreds of thousands of PTI supporters”.

The rally is expected to commence early in the evening, reportedly to avoid the daytime's sweltering heat.

Shahrah-e-Pakistan — the road leading to Water Pump from Liaquatabad Number 10 — has been sealed for traffic by authorities who have placed shipping containers as effective blockades.

PTI workers and organisers are sparing no effort in ensuring their rally is a success. Special attention has been paid to the arrangement of some 30,000 chairs, which are to follow a certain scheme of design and colours.

As is customary for rallies held by PTI, high-quality sound systems and musical arrangements have all been taken care of by DJ Butt — PTI's veteran music guru.

Many roads leading to the venue have been blocked as security personnel stand guard to prevent any mishap.

PTI Chief Imran Khan has expressed hope that today's rally will be "splendid" and Karachiites will "enjoy" today's gathering.

Chairman Imran Khan's media talk before the historic Jalsa today. Join us at Ayesha Manzil at 5pm to break the shackles of fear!

Posted by Imran Khan (official) on Sunday, 19 April 2015

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