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KP Police launches performance audit system

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police launched on Monday performance audit system thus becoming the first province to evaluate the force’s output.

KP Police chief Nasir Khan Durrani chaired a meeting to discuss key points for evaluating the performance of the force in the province, attended by senior police officials, according to a press release issued by chief’s office.

It merits a mention here that performance audit is a simple concept of ‘A to Z’ assessment from conception to policy making and from inputs given to affective process and their results. The purpose of this first ever performance audit of Police department in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa aims to find out how efficient the force is at operational level to make good of the resources and instructions issued by the government.

“Ten districts will be covered in the first phase of performance audit for which 10 teams, two officers in each one, have been selected, the press release said. The release added that the officers will visit the assigned districts and in the light of the operational guidelines issued to them earlier would submit their report based on the performance and shortcoming of the police for the year 2014 in the field. Separate marks were earmarked for each activity of the police and different pro forma printed and each audit officer will give marks on it, according to the press release.

The KP Police chief told the meeting participants that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police was the first force in the country to introduce performance audit practice. He said the performance audit was a new idea and introducing it in the Police department would prove a milestone and added that for professional performance police would have to quantify its results.

The IGP pointed out that operational guidelines were part of the performance indicators and directed the members of the teams to adopt due process for getting the desired results. They were further directed to apply their minds with wisdom so that better recommendations could be obtained which would pave the way for future changes and policy-making.

PTI has condemned the lies being put out by the govt on the findings of the NA 122 Commission

Central Information Secretary PTI has condemned the lies being put out by the govt on the findings of the NA 122 Commission at the hearing today where both sides lawyers were present:
Mazari said the Commission's judge said that his mandate was to see what irregularities had happened and now it was up to the Tribunal judge to pass judgement on rigging in the light of the irregularities that have been put on the record.

For the govt to claim that no rigging had been found is a blatant lie.
Amongst the major irregularities found by the Commission in NA 122 and which are now part of the record are the following:

1. Form XIV and XV have not been found in many of the polling bags.
2. In those form XV where serial numbers are missing, the relevant polling stations' results will be declared null and void.
3. Different coloured ballot papers have also been found.
4. The Commission judge referred to "Minor discrepancies" which, when asked to clarify, he defined as where there were 10 votes at issue. These "minor discrepancies" the Commission found in 280 polling stations which adds up to 2800 votes.

Mazari said that the Commission has substantiated PTI's claims on the types of rigging that had taken place. The NA 122 Commission findings also are in line with the rigging highlighted by Aitzaz Ahsan in his White Paper on NA 124.

Mazari demanded the Speaker NA step down now as he has lost all moral authority to fill the Speaker's post. She also asked the govt to stop twisting the findings of the NA 122 Commission and to stop lying to the nation.

Points of Chairman PTI Imran Khan's Press Conference (January 6, 2014)

NA 122

  1. Over 30,000 bogus votes were cast which did not have neither the stamp, nor the signature of the Presiding officer on the counterfoil
  2. 100 polling stations did not have Form 14 and Form 15 in the bags.
  3. Different colored ballot papers were found in 25 polling stations. Papers are of different size also
  4. Ballot papers with same serial numbers have also been found which shows thousands are bogus
  5. The serial number of ballot paper books issued by RO and those found from the polling bags were different in 5 polling stations.
  6. In 9 polling stations counter foil count was less and ballot papers were more
  7. In Polling station # 97 two different attested results were issued by the same RO.

NA 154

  1. Over 49,000 bogus votes were cast which did not have neither the stamp, nor the signature of the Presiding officer on the counterfoil
  2. 67 polling stations did not have voter list (which has indicator of who has cast ballot)
  3. In 57 polling stations form 15 is missing
  4. NADRA report says 20601 invalid NIC numbers on counterfoil

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