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    Hakumat Hatao Mulk Bachao Jalsa, Mazar-e-Quaid, 25th December 2011 at 1pm
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    Hakumat Hatao Mulk Bachao Jalsa, Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore, 30th October 2011
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Latest News

Imran Khan condemns Election Tribunal over NA 122 vote verification

PTI Chairman Imran Khan Press Statement on NA 122 & rigging

Islamabad: Chairman PTI, Imran Khan, today strongly condemned the continuing vacillation of the Election Tribunal in opening up NA 122 for vote recount and thumbprint verification despite the overwhelming evidence of irregularities that have become evident in PP 147 with only 6 polling stations having been opened for verification.

Khan stated that NADRA has revealed that in the 6 polling stations opened up in PP 147, 3,267 of the 4,726 votes could not be verified, while Nadra identified that the CNIC numbers written on 696 vote counterfoils were fake. In addition, 69% of the votes polled in these 6 polling stations of PP-147 were found to be bogus. Khan added that, interestingly, 117 polling stations in PP-147 fell under NA-122 from where he had contested. In the 6 polling stations there were also 1,590 vote counterfoils that carried fingerprints of bad quality affixed on used counterfoils due to non-utilisation of proper ink. The Election Tribunal judge has committed to opening up the whole PP 147 for verification if discrepancies were found in the 6 polling stations but so far nothing had been done in this regard. Another glaring sign of blatant rigging was the discovery of 7 bags of votes in the 6 polling stations when each polling station has to have only one bag comprising of the votes. If the opening up of a mere 6 polling stations had revealed such massive fraud, the opening up of the 290 polling stations of NA 122 would show even more shocking evidence of vote tampering and rigging.

Chairman Khan asserted that despite this clear evidence of wrongdoing, the Election Tribunal which was considering his petition for opening up of NA 122 for verification had failed to move on operationalising the petition. Khan wondered why NA Speaker Ayaz Sadiq was seeking shelter behind court stay orders, one after another, instead of having the moral courage to seek the truth through vote and thumbprint verifications? Khan said that under the circumstances Ayaz Sadiq had lost all moral credibility and should resign from the Speakership till the verification process for NA 122 had been completed.

Khan was categorical in stating that had the PMLN not been obdurate in preventing the auditing of votes and thumbprint verifications in the 4 constitutencies, the PTI would not have been pushed into coming out into the streets. As it is the PTI waited for over a year to seek justice against rigging in all available forums from Election Tribunals to the Courts, including the SC, to the Parliament – all to no avail with the PMLN hiding behind all manner of ruses by playing for time to prevent the rigging from being exposed. Khan added that it was obvious why the PMLN government was unwilling to allow the opening up of the 4 constituencies demanded by PTI; because if these 4 constituencies were opened the PMLN’s massive planned rigging would stand exposed and their government would lose all moral and legal grounds to govern.

Khan asserted that one of the clearest proofs of planned rigging was the vote jump supposedly for N from the 6,805,304 votes they got in the 2008 elections to the rigged 14,874,104 votes they claimed in the 2013 elections. For a party that performed poorly on all fronts in Punjab where they were in power after 2008, it is inconceivable that their vote bamk would have jumped to more than double in 2013. Barring the controversial jangla bus in Lahore, the PMLN government’s performance in Punjab in the agriculture and industrial sector was abysmal. Loadshedding reached new heights and protests against the PMLN government in Punjab came from all segments of society – from teachers, clerks, doctors, students, farmers and industrialists. So the vote count in 2013 was clearly rigged.

Khan concluded by vowing that PTI would expose the electoral fraud of 2013 because the people of Pakistan needed to know that those who sought to steal their mandate would be brought to justice. Also, without this expose and punishment for those involved in rigging in 2013, electoral reforms for the future would not be meaningful.

PTI demands full disclosure of the corruption, financial losses on Nandipur power plant [20 July, 20

Islamabad: Central Information Secretary PTI, Dr Shireen Mazari, today asserted that the increased loadshedding – going up to 20 hours in rural areas – is simply one major reflection of how a government that has come to power through rigging and without the mandate of the people, is least concerned about the misery it heaps on the nation. As long as the ruler, their families and their cronies are “looked after” through nepotism and corruption, the government is not moved over the plight of the ordinary Pakistani.

Not only has the government failed to live up to its tall electoral claims of ending loadhsedding and bringing back Pakistan’s looted wealth, it has aggravated the energy crisis by dramas at the expense of the taxpayers.

One such drama, which unraveled almost immediately to expose the government’s fraud, was the Nandipur 425 Megawatt Thermal Power Plant. Given the fraud that was done over Nandipur power plant, PTI demands a full disclosure of the corruption, financial losses, and the pinning of personal accountability for outright lies and the cover up that followed.

Mazari put out the basic facts she felt people should know:

This project had been dormant for several years with its imported machinery lying rotting. The project had been initiated by the Punjab government and CM Shahbaz Sharif but the taxpayer’s money had been wasted as the project lay suspended.

Now in his new tenure as CM, Shahbaz Sharif chose to cut corners and try and get the plant assembled and started! Interestingly what was discovered was that $100-150 million had already been skimmed off this project.

Mazari asserted that in PMLN’s usual passion for haphazard mega showcase projects – with no care for the consequences – a grand opening by cutting corners was done so that the PM could inaugurate the plant’s startup on 31st May. Massive ads, again with public funds, were put in place for this opening of Nandipur power to showcase this mega project in haste – regardless of the consequences. The result: within a spate of 3 days the plant conked out after generating about 80-90 MW of power! Amongst the blunders committed knowingly was the use of crude oil without installing a crude oil refiner because the technical people knew it would take 6-12 months to put that in and the Sharifs wanted a quick start drama with which to fool the people on the energy issue. So now not only has the plant been all but destroyed, requiring more financial inputs and thereby more

skimming through corruption, public money continues to be wasted by the PMLN with no accountability to date.
This was not all. A cover up by the loyal Khwaja Asif, whose brother-in-law is acting head of Nepra, followed. In a press conference Kh Asif declared that the Nandipur power plant was working and generating 90 MW of power! A bigger lie followed when he claimed that Nandipur had resolved 80-85 % of the power sector's problems and people should just be patient as power cuts would be a thing of the past.
But soon PEPCO and NTDC came out clearly stating Nandipur was dead and it would take at least a year to fix it. It was then that Kh Asif was forced to apologise to the nation and plead for prayers for rain.

This is how a government that comes through electoral fraud, commits fraud against the people, Mazari concluded.

PTI demands full disclosure of the corruption, financial losses on Nandipur power plant [20 July, 20

South Punjab fully prepared for the Azadi March: Shah Mehmood Qureshi

Addressing various gathering in south Punjab region PTI Vice Chairman shah Mehmood Qureshi, PTI General Secretary Punjab Yasmin Rashid and PTI South Region President Noor Khan Bhabha said that the discrimination done by the Chief Minister Lahore Shahbaz Sharif will no longer be tolerated by the people of South Punjab. Shah said that the million March 14th August will have many hundreds and thousands of people coming from south Punjab to fight for their rights including right for vote the right for voter and for the right for resources. He said that this government has broken all records of pushing the poor people into poverty by marking electricity all most unaffordable and rare. He said that the people of south Punjab especially in Rajanpur Rojhan and Khan Garh have made huge plans to mobilize 100,000’s of people will to come out and show the government that they will fight for their rights till the very end. He demanded that the Chief Minister who has declared that he has allocated budget for south Punjab to come and see the corruption and miss allocation of resourced on the projects in these cities.

PTI General Secretary Punjab Yasmin Rashid addressing said that the government was busy making metros in Lahore Islamabad and big cities while smaller cities like Rajanpur were totally ignored for even basic facilities like health and education. She said that these cities were suffering from massive load-shedding high unemployment and a farmer who could not afford the prices of seeds and inputs. She said that the women wing of PTI in these areas will come out in big numbers as they did when Pakistan was made to show that the lawlessness existing in these areas and the deprivation of women will end when this government will end. She said that the rigging that had taken place in the elector process has been so massive that now the government is forced to higher more experts of post election rigging to hide their fraud.

PTI South Region President Noor Khan Bhabha said that the whole region was an example of the biassness of the Chief Minister whose development not only finishing Lahore but around model town. He said at the conditions of people living in south had gone down more in one year that they had in last 5 years. He said that on 14th August South Punjab will show the government that they are now ready to demand and fight for their rights.

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